Feb 26, 2017
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Analyzing Packets in Wireshark

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Wireshark is best packet analyser tool.
  • Windows and Macintosh user can download it from here .
  •  Kali already contains this tool . 
 If You have not downloaded kali linux yet click here to download it

How To

1.   Start the wireshark using command line or from menu option. 

For Kali Users

2.   It will open Wireshark as shown below:

 3.  Here we go, we will require moniter mode to start packet sniffing. So, here we will start sniffing using monitor mode.

4.  As soon as start of sniffing, it will start capturing packets.

5.  You will get thousands of packets. We can categorize as per requirement. For example, apply filter as per bssid.

6.  We can filter the packets for only management frame. (wlan.fc.type.==0)

7.  Filter to show only data packets. (wlan.fc.type==2)


Wardriving is a term where a pearson with vehicle and having laptop, wireless card and gps setup, drives in all of the city and identifies status of different wireless access points at different geographical locations in city.

The wireless range can be extended using wireless antennas. To get details about geographical locations you can use gps to find out latitude and longitude.

WifiInfoView is windows based tool which can be used to see Wireless Access Points and with other information.
Download it from Here.

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