Mar 3, 2017
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Cracking Wifi Using :Fern(GUI)

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As a part of Kali linux , fern can be directly used from kali linux , i would be recommending the use of kali because while using other linux environments it could be a trouble because while using fern it automatically detects the path of aircrack-ng and python installed , while in other environments it is needed to set it manually…so follow the following steps :–>

1.) Download kali linux iso and make a bootable pendrive …..if you dont know how to make bootable pendrive  then follow the steps given in blog of trinity rescue kit

Kali linux iso (amd64) recommended –>here
Link to trinity rescue kit blog –> here

 2.)Open Kali linux Goto Applications–>Wireless Attack–> Fern

3.)Select Interface card wlan0

4.)Double click any where in GUI

5.)Select enable x-terms …so that you can view that happening …while through a automated program…

6.)Click on select network

7.)Choose the type of network that is WEP/WPA

8.)I would recommend to add dictonary file ….you can download dictonary file from the link given below.
     –> here

9.) Continue the brute force attack…!! please be patiance , it is a very long process

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NOTE: This is for educational purpose only we are not responsible for any type of inconvenience caused by reader.

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