Jun 2, 2017
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Pandemic – This Hacking Tool to Silently Hack Computers Over Network

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On June 1st 2017, WikiLeaks distributes reports from the “Pandemic” venture of the CIA, a steady embed for Microsoft Windows machines that offer records (programs) with remote clients in a neighborhood arrange. “Pandemic” targets remote clients by supplanting application code on-the-fly with a trojaned rendition if the program is recovered from the contaminated machine. To jumble its action, the first record on the document server stays unaltered; it is just adjusted/supplanted while in travel from the pandemic record server before being executed on the PC of the remote client. The embed permits the substitution of up to 20 programs with a most extreme size of 800 MB for a chose rundown of remote clients (targets).

As the name proposes, a solitary PC on a neighborhood connect with shared drives that is tainted with the “Pandemic” embed will act like a “Patient Zero” in the spread of an ailment. It will contaminate remote PCs if the client executes programs put away on the pandemic record server. Despite the fact that not unequivocally expressed in the archives, it appears to be in fact doable that remote PCs that give document shares themselves turn out to be new pandemic record servers on the neighborhood system to achieve new targets.

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