Jun 20, 2017
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Get 1000 of likes on Instagram,Facebook any one

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Hey guys,

This is Ramiz Munshi again if you have any issues or query you can contact us on our page leave in comment or send me a mail on [email protected]

lets get back on topic today i am gonna show you the how to get the fake like on your post or picture any thing.For that you are gonna need the account of This website is look like this Fake like website image

Go in the register option register your self after that they will send you the conformation mail complete the conformation process.

Then you will see the webpage as per below

fake like image -2

into harder the second option add manage pages click on that the page will be look like this


choose on which ever platform you need the likes i am choosing facebook likes


into the facebook url paste the url of your post or image or the page on which you need likes. And in Description option give any description you want of link and then set the credit between 1 to 10.most preferable is 7.Basically credit is balance in your account if you like any ones post credit will be increase and if any one like your image or post or page your credit will be decrees as per your set value.

after adding successfully adding your link you just have to click on the social meadia exchage and after that screen will be apper like this


Now you have to just click on like button and then one pop up will be open just like the page image whatever opened in the image increase your credit as per need and enjoy 🙂 .Show of in friends


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