Jul 8, 2017
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On July 6th 2017

WikiLeaks distributes records from the BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon activities of the CIA. The inserts depicted in both undertakings are intended to catch and exfiltrate SSH certifications however take a shot at various working frameworks with various assault vectors.

BothanSpy is an embed that objectives the SSH customer program Xshell on the Microsoft Windows stage and takes client accreditations for all dynamic SSH sessions. These qualifications are either username and secret key if there should arise an occurrence of watchword verified SSH sessions or username, filename of private SSH key and key secret word if open key confirmation is utilized. BothanSpy can exfiltrate the stolen certifications to a CIA-controlled server (so the embed never touches the circle on the objective framework) or spare it in an enrypted petition for later exfiltration by different means. BothanSpy is introduced as a Shellterm 3.x expansion on the objective machine.

Gyrfalcon is an embed that objectives the OpenSSH customer on Linux stages (centos,debian,rhel,suse,ubuntu). The embed can not just take client accreditations of dynamic SSH sessions, but on the other hand is fit for gathering full or incomplete OpenSSH session activity. All gathered data is put away in a scrambled document for later exfiltration. It is introduced and designed by utilizing a CIA-created root pack (JQC/KitV) on the objective machine.

Download Documents :- https://wikileaks.org/vault7/#BothanSpy

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