Jul 8, 2017
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On June 30th 2017

WikiLeaks distributes reports from the OutlawCountry venture of the CIA that objectives PCs running the Linux working framework. OutlawCountry takes into account the redirection of all outbound system movement on the objective PC to CIA controlled machines for ex-and penetration purposes. The malware comprises of a part module that makes a shrouded netfilter table on a Linux focus; with learning of the table name, an administrator can make decides that outweigh existing netfilter/iptables governs and are covered from a client or even framework chairman.

The establishment and industriousness technique for the malware is not portrayed in detail in the record; an administrator should depend on the accessible CIA endeavors and secondary passages to infuse the piece module into an objective working framework. OutlawCountry v1.0 contains one part module for 64-bit CentOS/RHEL 6.x; this module will just work with default pieces. Additionally, OutlawCountry v1.0 just backings adding secretive DNAT tenets to the PREROUTING chain.

Download documents :- https://wikileaks.org/vault7/#BothanSpy

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