Jul 27, 2017
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UCL / Raytheon

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On July 19th 2017, WikiLeaks distributes reports from the CIA temporary worker Raytheon Blackbird Technologies for the “Offense Component Library” (UCL) extend. The records were submitted to the CIA between November 21st, 2014 (only two weeks after Raytheon obtained Blackbird Technologies to assemble a Cyber Powerhouse) and September eleventh, 2015. They generally contain Proof-of-Concept thoughts and evaluations for malware assault vectors – mostly in view of open archives from security analysts and private endeavors in the PC security field.

Raytheon Blackbird Technologies went about as a sort of “innovation scout” for the Remote Development Branch (RDB) of the CIA by dissecting malware assaults in the wild and offering suggestions to the CIA improvement groups for assist examination and PoC advancement for their own malware ventures.


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