Dec 22, 2017
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Choosing perfect wireless device for pentesting

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When it comes to wireless pentesting then selecting the compatible device is so complicated. It should support monitor mode, it must have a good strength, and many more features. When looking for an adapter that works with Kali it is the chipset of the adapter that enables it to do pen testing.


Determine the chipset

Whatever you do don’t buy a wireless G only USB adapter. Wireless G is useless unless you are only targeting wireless G routers and devices. Wireless N is backward compatible so it can be used on wireless G or N. Most routers and devices now are setup with wireless N.

Another thing to keep in mind is the range the adapter will have. Small USB adapters are great for staying low profile but their range is limited compared to an adapter with a larger 5 dbi or 9 dbi antenna.

Here are the most common chipsets used with Kali Linux. Any USB adapter that uses these chipsets will most likely work with Kali.

Atheros AR9271
Ralink RT3070
Ralink RT3572
Realtek 8187L (Wireless G adapters)

Recommended USB Wireless Cards for Kali Linux


  1. TP-Link TL-WN722N is cheap and trusted adapter. this adapter also hass 4 dbi detachable antenna . This one is good for learning purpose.  Buy Here :-

  2. Alfa AWUS036NH : When it comes to serious pentesting then Alfa Card is best in the market . Buy here  :-


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