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Cyber Crime..!! What does it Mean ?

Cyber Crime means a crime done on internet. In 21st centuary nearly every Teenage girl is using Social Media and they neglect their privacy and share usefull information to criminals and later the criminal temper on victims social acounts. Sometimes they share their private pictures by trusting on others and the pictures are missused. And sometimes Hackers penetrate into girl’s phone or PCs with an intention of stealing private photos and private Data.


In recent days many cases took place in India. Some cases were solved because they contact to the right person or organisation; But in some cases girls attempted suicide and sadly some died. There is solution for every problem.


If you are reading this , you may be a victim of cyber crime. Don’t worry we will help you in solving your problems. And please share this website with your friends and relatives so they can share their problem with us too.

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